The Elixir of Life? On drinking Aloe Vera Gel…

I have this amazing and beautiful friend called Sarah. Sarah works for a company called Forever Living, who sell Aloe Vera products (among other things). I can honestly tell you that Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic, positive, uplifting, and vibrant people you will ever meet…So, naturally I wanted to know what her secret was. She made me try Aloe Vera Gel.

Well, that’s not strictly true…she asked me if I would be willing to blog about my experience using Forever Living’s number one selling product, their Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, in exchange for a hefty discount on the brand’s retail price, and because friends do other friends favours, and because I was curious about the benefits of this all natural product, and because I’m always on the look out for natural products that boost health and wellbeing.

I don’t work for Forever Living, so I told Sarah that I would be writing an unbiased review…I just want to know whether or not it actually works…

But before I get into my experience so far (I am one week into a month’s supply), I need explain what it is I’m drinking, and what it’s supposed to help with…

I’m drinking this –


Forever Living’s number one product. The company grows and harvests its own Aloe Vera and talks a big talk about offering the purest aloe products you can buy. They are not tested on animals and they have the “International Aloe Science Council’s Seal of Approval for consistency, and purity.”

If you do a quick google search of the benefits of drinking Aloe Vera Gel you will see for yourself that the internet is hot on the subject with countless articles talking about the reasons we should all be drinking it, which include detoxifying, immune system boosting, cholesterol lowering, mineral packing…the list goes on and on…But, I promised an unbiased review and I’m not here to ‘sell’ Aloe Vera gel, so let’s get to it.

I’ve been told to drink 30ml in the morning, and 30ml in the evening for one month. I’m not going to lie, the vast majority of this week I have forgotten to take my evening dose (doh!) so I need to get into a better habit, but I have started a new routine of drinking my aloe as soon as I wake up, while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil as I make my morning cuppa.

The first day I was nervous…I’ll be honest, it’s not the most appealing of things to drink. It smells pretty horrendous and doesn’t look too appetising either. I sat and stared at my little shot of aloe gel for a while before I mustered the courage to down it, quickly followed by a glass of water.

Actually, the taste is not that bad…I was pleasantly surprised. It’s kind of like watered down pineapple juice. Kind of. Just don’t get your nose too close…

Sarah said I should notice the benefits after two weeks, so by this point I wasn’t expecting too much, but I have to say I have a lot more energy this week. Now this may be entirely coincidental, but I definitely feel more focused and alert. I have baked nonstop all week (you may have noticed the recipes), and I’ve been more productive than I am most weeks.

The biggest thing I have noticed so far this week however, is this; my son has an awful cold right now, and earlier in the week he decided to share his lurgy with his loving mother…how kind of him…and I woke up Monday and Tuesday feeling rancid. Sarah told me the aloe would help fight off the cold, and I have to say, it hasn’t really amounted to much at all. I have a bit of a cough, but nothing too dramatic, and that’s about it. I generally feel really, really well.

So, that’s it so far…More to come in a weeks time. I’ll get a link to the company and products and add it later today 🙂





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