Autumn is here! And so am I!

So, autumn is in the well and truly here and if you’re anything like me, you already have the heating on in the evenings and are deep in the throes of Halloween preparation…I love this time of year! The changing seasons bring about the spirit of change, and autumn in particular has a way of creating space in our lives to release the things that no longer serve us. The long, lazy summer days give way to dark, cosy winter nights, and we get to snuggle under blankets with our loved ones in front of the TV.

I’m afraid this is yet another blog from me…I’ve started a few over the years, and while I’ve loved them all so much I haven’t had the heart to delete them from the interweb just yet (in fact, some of my older posts may end up here), I can’t seem to find the inspiration to continue with any of them. I think my biggest problem is my desire to serve some sort of niche that I can obsess about…I love a good obsession. The trouble with this format is that while niche blogs are brilliant if you have an abundance of material to fill it with, the chances are you don’t, and when you create a very content-specific-blog on purpose, you end up unable to take it on a tangent for fear of losing the audience…But anyway, blah blah blah…Here I am with a new blog. A vaguer blog. A less-than-specific-blog about my life, my family, my spirituality, and most importantly, my recipes.

I have a small food obsession (see…I love a good obsession), and it leads me to spend a huge amount of time playing with recipes in order to create the perfect homemade alternative to anything you might find in your local supermarket…Honestly, I take this way too seriously…

I get asked a lot for my recipes, I get asked even more if people can come eat at my house…As much as I’d love to feed you all, I already have a table full at dinner time, but I’m happy to share the recipes here so you can make them at home, ‘cause I’m nice like that 😉

As I said, there’s no specificity here (don’t you love that word…specificity), just my desire to write a blog (singular) and pour my ramblings onto the interweb for you lovely folk to poke fun at me, or send me nice comments, or just read my stuff and escape the day for a minute or two…I happen to think I’m pretty funny.

Fair warning…There may be poems, rants, recipes, my own unique version of divine guidance or some epiphany I have in the wee small hours…So be prepared for that…

Oh, I guess you should know a little about me before you commit to subscribing…Ok, well, I’m 33 years old, I have two sons and two step-daughters, I am in love with an amazing man who is my soul-mate and twin-flame (but that’s a story for another day), I am a Crystal Therapist and have my Reiki First (working towards my Reiki Second), I have published fetish erotica, and write fetish poetry (among other genres), and I have an aversion to processed foods, oh, and a gluten intolerance. I’m nothing if not a little random 😉

There you have it…I hope you enjoy your little visit to my world…I think it’s awesome here!


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